10 Amazing Management Tools Freelancers Love To Have

10 Amazing Management Tools Freelancers Love To Have

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The FSPA (Our Company) is still open at 10, and one of the coders is trying to approve w3c validations for an X client. No, you got it wrong, the deadline for this project isn’t the issue. Nor is the tandem to save time for the next client. It’s the sheer love and likeliness for the code that makes the screen so intimated. No one works for free but true developers, designers and programmers work for their passion, money is an important aspect, to keep the passion running. Truncating the scenario and when did that coder went off the seat, I will be sharing some of the freelancers management tools that can boost your freelance career productivity and saving enough time for parties even at a busy schedule.

Social Oomph

The DM tool is one of the many features of this all in one social networking app. I could have suggested Hootsuite or anything like that, but social oomph is best for getting quality clients at Twitter. That’s why Freelancers need to have it. Purging on all platforms, social oomph has “magic wand” tricks to make your name viral on the blue world.


Managing Pinterest, Facebook, Google plus, linked in, delicious and so many other platforms for your company. Get rid of it with ping.fm. An amazingly simple tool to use and store credentials for your micro-blogging and social posting.

Remember The Milk



Remember the Milk is a task alert service and is the best emerging in its own kind of herd. No matter, what device you use, you can sync and configure every smart device to keep the alerts effective on the go. Now with the Siri integration, it quickly outpowered other counterparts of apple play.


get online work


Your daily dashboard used to not only pointing out your time wasted on match.com or other dating and social sites, but also managing to cap them. The software will log every activity, categorize it in the relevant niche and will prepare a report about your productivity and performance throughout the day. It can even alert you while you are wasting too much on Facebook or Reddit.

Log-line App


The great thing about this app is, whether you are complete coder or writer. You have got a tool so structured that can be used for better writing: whether its coding or general. The screenwriting app runs on high definition full screens and gives lesser reason to distract. Plus the fountain font is handy and soothing to use it on any device.


Mindmeister: make your own mind maps

Get rid of “always in sight” diary and a Luxor balanced just above your ear. Use Mindmeister to frame your ideas, plans, and strategies in a completely effective way. Draft anything by attaching important parameters and then scaling it afterward to deployment. Mindmeister also gives a lot more to imagine about the throughput of the input, thanks to the latest web technology 2.0 and a team of talented developers.


tweriod: twitter post schedule

Probably the best tool to cheat sheet your followers’ activity or simply to analyze when they are online the most. Tweriod is the best tool for SMO marketers and is available for free (restrained features though). The tool automatically analyzes your account, makes DM sheet and mail it to your content covering the whole demographics of your followers.


Digital signature software

Have you ever commuted fifty miles while working as a freelancer, just to take a signature from a client? I know it’s sort of hard in our community. That’s where Adobe made it easy. Send and receive digital signatures by just using this tool, which works on the integrated platform consisting Acrobat, PDF and online advanced services. Must have tool for Remote freelancers.


Make useful bids and proposals and save hours of your daily bidding routine by using Bid sketch. Available as premium, you can’t resist buying it after using it for the trial period. Not only the costume feel, the core functionality makes it unique. Reusability of latest proposals, enticing templates, complete reflexivity in changing the structure, etc. Help you to gain a professional image by sending only ace proposals.


Dashlane software Freelance management tool

Accessible across all three major platforms (iOS, Apple and somewhat of Windows), the tools lets you enter the password for one time and then it’s done. You can always sync your Dash lane account to use the cache across platforms.


When it comes to management and scheduling of freelancing routine. Some of the Freelance portals also have special tools like whoteboards, live video chats and screen sharers so as to make life easy,while talking to clients. Frisklancer.com provide distinct features like this to make freelancing a better option to choose as a career. Keep following for better resources in future. Cheers!!


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