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Month: June 2015

Hiring Freelancers over In-house Employees: Silicon Valley’s New Trend

Hiring freelancers is today’s trend for stable Companies needing more dynamicity in changing business verticals. Recent stats and studies confirmed that rather than using the in-lab workers for ideation, smart deployments and revisions, getting a temporary worker is an economical option. From big food chains like McDonalds to Uber, everyone needs unique and extra to…
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Frisklancer about to leave BETA in July

Yes freelancers, we are and this time with a whole bunch of improvements within UI to core restructured project post and hiring Flow. We are about to leave the Beta tag, because we think……It’s too sticky. After keeping an eye and ear to your incredulous comments, feedbacks and even rage filled messages, we have transformed…
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4 Market Techniques to increase ROI for a Small Business

ROI for a small business plays the most important role for a sustainable business and quality, retain-able clients. ROI refers to return on investment but in the online marketing, it can be regarded as Rapport Optimizing Investment. I will not talk about “what to do” techniques because that information is being flooded by n number of blogs on…
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Tips to Calculate Freelance Rates for Web Developers and Designers

If you search Google for “how to Calculate Freelance Rates for a design or development project”, you will not get a straightforward tool. Wondering why? Cause there isn’t a one-pack solution, just like calculus or interest finding calculators are available here and there. The complications of rating a specific skill are only understood (and explained)…
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10 Amazing Management Tools Freelancers Love To Have

The FSPA (Our Company) is still open at 10, and one of the coders is trying to approve w3c validations for an X client. No, you got it wrong, the deadline for this project isn’t the issue. Nor is the tandem to save time for the next client. It’s the sheer love and likeliness for…
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Freelance writing tips to make an Awesome blog for Clients

Yes, we know you write, but is there anything live on the internet with your authorship? Okay, so where we can see your samples, they must be doing well for the presence? And many others queries pop up when you are in the process of convincing a client. That’s where you need an online space…
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How Governments Can Handle Increasing Unemployment : Economist View

When people are without work, and they continuously seek work, is what we call Unemployment. Businesses like Freelancing and Entrepreneurship helped many to tackle this problem, but the one without any certain skillset has no answer to it. With changing work ethics and scenario makes a cliché of jobs, most of which requires technological knowledge.…
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White hat Link Building through Social Media

White hat link building through all social platforms is a tested technique to create a presence in your niche strained online market. Might you get backlinks from microbloggers, bloggers, and directory sites, but getting links from social media keeps the quality of links alive. About 40% of the business get more than 80% of their real customers…
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Tips to Master Twitter Content with Freelance Writing Skills

witter marketing or presence is not all about hashtags and posting. The most influential people on earth use this to express their emotions and actions because people trust Twitter and regard as the right source of information. With the heyday of online smart publishing services, you might find time to schedule and post things the…
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