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Month: July 2015

How Online Employment is helping Indian Economy

If you are waiting for the “Acche Din” promise of BJP to come true for a better job, you need to bell a door less visited and that is online employment and Jobs. Online jobs are flooded on internet today, with major chunks of freelancer, upwork, elance and work n hire databases. The method is…
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Real Emotions of Freelancers: From Developers to Designers

While I perpetually instruct my head at 6:30 everyday to wake-up and get ready for office, these bunch of geeks in my neighborhood never seem to wake up, till I leave. I don’t know from where do they get so much of money without doing a real job, but one thing they do better, is not…
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5 Things you should avoid as a Freelancer

  No matter what unique job, you have picked up to make a freelance living, there is one thread common to every freelancer i.e. how well one handles a client. According to recent research made by Emmy Hayer (Development Head at FSPL) on 100 Client profiles and their feedbacks, most of the clients leave their…
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Freelancing 2.0: Enhanced Tools, Connect Fast, End to End Business

Even Barak Obama is happy with this growing trend. Freelancing has transformed itself in the last half a decade not only in the US, but in all the internet age nations. Whether you call it susceptibility and anxiety of today’s generation towards a regular job or the will to go upfront as an entrepreneur, they…
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