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5 Tips for SEO Freelancers in 2015 to boost Online Marketing

5 Tips for SEO Freelancers in 2015 to boost Online Marketing

10 Tips for SEO Freelancers in 2015 to boost Online Marketing and Branding

Online Marketing tips 2015

Suppose, you run a 10×10 music store, and customer ask you for the best and cheapest headphones at your store? Well, what you know is they never exist. So, you will ask for his budget and offer relevant range headphones a little above the budget. Depending upon the features, the client will make the final nod. That’s what online marketing is all about; the client wants more than worth of every penny invested, and you can’t afford to waste time and power on it.

As an SEO expert, the options for the organic search optimizations are content posting (blogging), directing focused keywords, exchanging links, Social Media, promoting the content on useful platforms, Email Marketing and indexing the site with technical aspects like sitemaps. Might your client can give you the leverage of handling advertisement campaigns, but the last nod will always include some T & Cs. What the client doesn’t get to see is the real big picture. That’s where the goals can be set precisely, and you can elicit the promotions.

  • Deciphering Early Codes: Stay Ahead

So, the very first thing you must show your client is the relevance of designing, marketing and development. This is the phase, where you can show your understanding towards the project and induce the belief that you are the right person. Don’t tell him that old joke of “keyword, blog and article submission with keywords”. If a client knows, what SEO is, he will know the basics and would have already tried those things with a cheap labor. He is approaching you because he simply didn’t get results from it. By relevance means, how you are expressing your web image as a team (The team of development, designing, writing and marketing). I must be giving you an instance for that:

Markting, Design and Technology

For example, you have an XYZ website domain with a synonymous name. The first thing, a client does wrong by hiring a website developer and designer & not a team for it alone. Doing core development and not imagine about the deployment objective hurts them afterward. But, we know the freelancing world. You will always get clients molded in apparent fuzz. So, as an SEO expert, you should ask him about what he and his team has done so far. For ex., has the developer developed a valid search engine sitemap and Robot.txt file. Did your designer worked upon the ergonomics of structured markup tools that helps webmaster bots to quickly index and portray your website in the search results? Have you simultaneously thought about the ad banners that looks lucrative on mobile? And many other important questions.

  • Talk nicely to the Bots

Even if you bring some credibility by posting a lot of quality content purchased from quality writers, what you will see is your links coming up for few days, just to make a drown again. Why? Here is the Reason

Once you gain presence through content, search engines mostly Google will find millions of excuses like “bad search structure” “Verifiable sitemap templates” “missing alt, HTML and meta tags” “valid resource locators” “ Large modules” “Dis- integrated or incorrectly formatted CSS and JSP” and many more to make you fall back to your original place. You again try to regroup and begin aggressive marketing, Google will tag you suspicious.

 Structured Data and

  • No Red in the Ledger

Analyze the website, tell the client that if he doesn’t make the necessary changes and optimizations framed by various analytics and webmasters report, the site will never go up. As a result, his investment priory in online marketing will also go wasted. Make him cautious, that if he doesn’t get everything in sync and right on the first attempt, it will be ten times harder on the second.

Online marketing geraph

  • The SMO part

Social Media is not everything but is most of the percentage cover in SEO chart. Label yourself, to be honest, loyal and royal. Hire someone, who exactly knows what is the status and what will the customers read or what will catch their attention. The average post life on Facebook and Google plus is 1- 2 hours and is 50 minutes in terms of Twitter. So, put your head down and keep doing the written work. Use features like events, milestones, feedback, polls and contests to the maximum.

  • Going Socio-Technical

Literally speaking, the integration of the social profiles can boost your social presence. Services like Hoot suite,, hub pages are giving enormous opportunities to boost your name smartly by grabbing other shoulders. More followers mean better engagement. There is an old saying “Everyone who breathes has an opinion”. Use the favor and odd opinions to create a talk and let it go viral. Be a human and not a brand talking to your followers.


We all know our skills, but portraying the proposal in an appropriate and efficient way is the only thing, that can get you the deserving price of your efforts. Make your proposals by keeping the real barriers and benefits noted. Keep following us to know more about tips and tricks. Also, share your reviews of this article. You can always send your own piece of information by clicking.

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