About Frisklancer

Frisklancer is a Scientific Research and Development company having expertise in Hardware and software. Frisklancer is having its registered office in Vancouver, BC, Canada and is having a global presence. Frisklancer started its operation in Patiala, Punjab (IN) in the Year 2014, right from the starting Frisklancer was in the scientific research and development in the field of robotics. Now, Frisklancer is having offices in the following states of India:-

  1. Research and Training Facility in Patiala, Punjab
  2. Research Lab for Prototype Development in Patiala, Punjab.
  3. Software Research Programming facility, Chandigarh.
  4. North Region Marketing office in Delhi.
  5. South Region Marketing office in Bangalore.
  6. East Region Marketing Office in Kolkata.

Frisklancer is mainly dealing in research hardware and software projects, working since 2014. Following are the notable achievements that we are able to achieve till date:-

  • Bomb Disposal Robot
  • Automated toll enforcement systems
  • Haptic Devices for medical industry
  • Solid Waste Management Plant
  • Modular Robotic Kits


Frisklancer deals in the below mentioned work areas:-

Application based Software Development

Application based Projects are usually based on the platforms like J2EE, Android, .NET, and other Application Development Languages. We at Frisklancer specialize in Technology Projects which involves more concepts of Networking, Security, Mobile Computing and so on.

Research based Project Development

The research-based project investigates how to build an efficient, high-quality project for feature-rich digital information or product. We implement vision science which are based on the principles of underlying computer vision, robot vision, and human vision.

Robotics & Automation Projects

Automation Anywhere empowers people whose ideas, effort and focus make the companies they work for great. Delivering intelligent automation technology for business & IT processes so you and your company can always be depended on.

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