Company Group


Frisklancer Services Private Limited

Frisklancer Services Private Limited, an Indian company, is the leading information technology consulting, services, and business process outsourcing organization. It envisioned and instigated the adoption of the flexible business practices, to operate efficiently and produce more value. Frisklancer Software Solution’s strength lies in perceiving the client’s business processes, culture, vision and goals across the industry segments and offering client oriented solutions which are highly reliable.

Freelancer Illuminati Services LLP

Freelancer's foundation lies in the profound "POWER OF NOW". Education empowers a human being to dispel darkness and bring light in life. It is Freelancer’s sincere effort to build upon the technical education, in order to equip today's generation to be appropriately suited to booming IT industry.

Freelancer Illuminati, a Premier Technology Education Institute, was set up in 2016. The prime objective of Freelancer Illuminati is to deliver technology driven training. Freelancer Illuminati is the only Education institute that is backed up by Complete Development set up.

Freelancer Illuminati takes pride in being the only institute that offers exposure to Live Projects with a variety of clientele in India and offshores.

Dextersmind Incorporated

DextersMind Inc. is a group of professionals working in various software, hardware, electronics, electrical, mechanical and management companies world wide. The aim of DextersMind Incorporated is to guide individuals who are doing research in various streams in India and foreign countries as well.

We are here to cater the needs of individuals related to various technologies, project ideas, and problems which they can discuss and get implemented as per their requirement, as we got a talented team of individuals  to take care of that.

The main aim and motto of the company is to work as a team and always ready to work if required.

Frisklancer Services Limited (Canadian Corp.)

Frisklancer Services Limited was incorporated in Canada to provide techno consulting and outsourcing of IT-enabled services to corporate in different parts of the world.. Managed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in IT consulting for various industry verticals, Frisklancer values its team more than any other asset.

Sister Concern Companies


DPD Robotics

DPD Robotics is the dedicated robotics division of Frisklancer group. It was incorporated in 2001, keeping in view, the phenomenal rise in the customer base of customized research software & hardware solutions. DPD Robotics is a fast growing name, owing to its successful solution launches in government projects. With ever-increasing users in the research sector, DPD Robotics is spreading at a meteoric speed to all corners of India.

Merlyn D3 Robotics

Merlyn D3 robotics limited is a haptics development company operating in India since a decade, we here are at Merlyn D3 manufactures robotic kits (Merlyn TRN-1) and haptic devices. Currently, we are manufacturing a unique training kit. The Merlyn TRN-1 is a set of precision machined parts so designed that they can be configured into inter linked linear and rotary axis as per your choice. The kit contains all the necessary mechanical structural elements, motors, motor driver electronics, microprocessor controller, software.

Vetrad Systems

Vetrad Systems designs and develops products for a variety of verticals focusing on haptics and mobile robotics. They have haptics-based products targeting surgery simulation, mission control, and assembly operations. The products designed here, are then sold through another concern, Merlyn D3 Systems.

Right now our main focus is developing sub-systems for haptic devices, for which we have our mechanical tool room, electronic development center, and software development lab. We are also coming up with other technologies as well. The two focus points for us are haptics and mobile robotics. Mobile robotics is a device for harsh terrain, which can move in any direction – it’s used for bomb disposal. Haptics technology is being used for surgery simulation, mission control, assembly operations, and many more areas.

Varkey Enterprises

Commencing the operation in the year 1996, Varkey Enterprises has successfully positioned itself as a focused corporate player with a significant reach across Punjab. The company focused on providing hardware solutions, System Integration including networking, customer training, services and system administration. With a long experience of twenty years, the Company becomes a VETERAN IT Service Provider firm by transacting business with over 250 Corporate Customers, Commercial Complexes, and around more than 50 thousand satisfied home user customers. Thus, Varkey Enterprises stands tall in Top North Indian hardware solution Service Providers.