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Freelance: Because Your Day job will Never be enough

Freelance: Because Your Day job will Never be enough

I have heard Matt Barrie, giving dozens of speech on important global employment vigs, but he never try to allure anyone in Freelancing. The CEO of freelancer knew that the wise ones will get the point automatically and the doctrine visioners won’t. The Dayjob is never enough, either you need to sweat out your skills in order to make a running business cycle and the other option is freelancing.

Facts in Favor

Over 50% of the IT companies are getting seduced to talent available on other major platforms. Besides the Report that estimates 40% of engagement in this type of entrepreneurship by 2020, its not only about, working freely, it’s about earning your worth. Whether you eye towards the snowed northeastern employers or the one in Rocky Mountain region, they all hire outsiders through freelance platforms. An estimated 62000 Jobs were created alone by Elance last year, proving the immense scope of making a living through freelance career. Over 7 million people are pretty happy and satisfied in working as contracted employees with the cushion of bigger players like Wal-mart, General Motors, PepsiCo and many others. Flexible Associates, Business Consultants, Brisk marketers and Core IT system service providers, everyone wants to fill the pocket quickly, and the truth is companies are ready to buy them for their price.

Odesk CEO Gary Swart vise the situation a bit differently. He tap his back by providing the perfect skills and talent required to the starters rather than working coherently with names, which are even bigger than oDesk.

The Asian Online Employment Buzz

You talk India, China, Japan but you don’t even know, how many of the Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand homemakers are earning right from their computer screens. Despite, they easily agree on client’s dream price, but still by no means they are less skilled or earn lesser than their major counterparts.

Over 30% of Indian employees joined any of the major platforms either to quit their job or for the sake of filling their pig-saving boxes. The youth doesn’t fear from the risk of investing or selling in a business thousand miles away, just with a virtual legal contract.

“If you would ask any of the rotational shift Dell, Microsoft workers, they still think of a dream to achieve” quoted shivjit from Delhi/NCR region working in HCL Infotech. The statement tells the thirst of Indian employees to not only earn more but achieve their dreams, which were diminishing in their 9 to 6 shifts and overtimes.

Lance hard to Deserve

The problem lies in the recognition of the best. Albeit, you can find with someone having panache of projects in his CV, but you never know the person will be perfect for your Job. The 2020 dream of half the world being self-employed, can even come soon, if the rapid engagement of new users and fresh talent continued.

That’s why companies like Frisklancer brings the automated virtual assistance at every step in order to make a kick start in freelancing world, further pushed by the initial sign up sweepstakes, of up to $200. If you are still predicting the next big boom in the industry, freelancing is already there.

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