Freelance writing tips to make an Awesome blog for Clients

Freelance writing tips to make an Awesome blog for Clients

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Yes, we know you write, but is there anything live on the internet with your authorship?

Okay, so where we can see your samples, they must be doing well for the presence?

And many others queries pop up when you are in the process of convincing a client. That’s where you need an online space with your name and skills flooding all over its content as a . I will never say you to write on political hypocrisy, nor those luring “make money” and “make love” topics, if you can’t. A true writer never brags but is willing to do anything for not misinforming the audience. A resourceful article needs deep research and a thoughtful sentence making, with “no-error” grammar and “Right-Context” Vocabulary. That’s why I have framed this tips, to save you the hassle of trying everything and asking to do simple things with passion and patience.

Blog Writing Tips - Publish Regularly

Use Tools like Grammarly and Ginger

These are your first-hand editors, with ideal logics coded in them and no leaves required (as your manual editor always demand). It’s a hard fact in this virtual world, but you have very few readers who may come across on first 5-7 articles. So, first try to be the white horse on Google’s index cart. Use impeccable English with absolutely no flaws. Google loves these type of Resources (Ezine articles, Wikipedia, Scribd). This will also help in detecting plagiarism if there’s any.

You can always use Grammarly or Ginger for free at their official pages, but you can easily afford them if you have your freelancing career rolling at a fair speed till now.

Add Practical Facts, No matter what

You may have been writing for half hanging companies and struggling Entrepreneurs, for most of the freelancing writing projects. This makes you presume that the public only listens to large horn speakers, getting trapped in your art of making an ant, a deadly spider. But, if you need consistent quality readers for your blog and better future clients, you need to connect them to originality and current facts.

Making your Title full of resources will make the big leap. Try to use actual objective of the article in first 3 words rather than wasting the start with famishing adjectives. For ex. The Title “How to make huge money online” is nothing better to the Title “x tips to make money from home, after 9 to 5”. The latter covers the (1) the keyword itself (2) reader’s personal intuition to earn more for his dreams, not share with anyone till now (3) summons the real objective (4) The “9 to 5” part works magnetic to clicks.

Use Contently, Alltop and Stumble upon for unique, relevant content

They curate content for every category, in a neat and lean manner. Even if you need a day off from writing. Just pick 1 hour of work to search for relevant topics from these pages, curate it within web pages like scoop it, hub pages and Delicious. Share it through your personal social profiles and ask real questions, views and opinions. This is only to rejuvenate your brains and skills and not losing the stream of clients and readers.

Even if you are in a mood to write, always search those articles to put something extra on your blog. You can always use tiny facts from stumble upon, stuffed in different articles and websites.

Use your Moral knowledge to conclude or predict

A Great article needs a perfect end, just like the movies. Posturing right content with nice pictures, infographics, Flash objects (Use to add vision to your text) still needs a perfect conclusion. You became a writer, just because you wanted to express yourself with words. This is the time to portray your opinion, read your content again and approach for the perfect conclusion or prediction. Don’t hesitate to commit results while listening to your intuition. You may go wrong, but sometimes being wrong and admitting the same, is not bad in terms of publicity.

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