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Freelancing 2.0: Enhanced Tools, Connect Fast, End to End Business

Freelancing 2.0: Enhanced Tools, Connect Fast, End to End Business

Even Barak Obama is happy with this growing trend. Freelancing has transformed itself in the last half a decade not only in the US, but in all the internet age nations. Whether you call it susceptibility and anxiety of today’s generation towards a regular job or the will to go upfront as an entrepreneur, they are helping freelancing graph to take the steep leap. With online hiring going up to 32% in June of 2015, (according to India Times), the flow will never go cold anytime soon, aided by a fast growing community.

Let’s look at what fascinates the today’s pseudo generation so much about Freelancing:

Foremost Factor: Money in the Bank

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Call it the evolution of services like Skrill, freelance wire transfer, Payoneer or the old horse (PayPal), getting money directly in your account was never this quick and easy. Few steps with registration on one of this platforms and an approval for linking Bank and a premium service charge. That is it, you are ready to receive payments directly in your plastic cards while the client clicks on “Pay Freelancer” option. Though Payoneer is new but is quickly gathering users with fewer overhaul processes and payment flexibility. PayPal is only losing the race being stiff to increase its flawless services in small developing countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal. With a little less charge list than PayPal and other counterparts, Payoneer is getting a good response as well. This helps the freelancer to get complete value for the work.

A Whole new Species with Freelance Skills

New type of Freelancing

While, IT people think, freelancing is only constrained to Development, Designing, Writing and Optimization jobs. There is this totally different type of companies demanding free to move photographers, interior renovators, automobile engineers and even mega-structure builders investing their rich talent to make a difference. The Photographers are invited to shoot in most impossible places of Nature. The Photographers alone can be hired for different purposes like Portfolio making, wildlife shoot, promotions shoots, journalism, product launch and much other minor to major projects. The interior innovators are most often called by bigger global hotel chains and mega-firms to make every corner inspiring and filled. The automobile engineers are kept hired for years, once started on a new idea or concept. Similar is the case with Builders, rather than inviting bids through tender notices. Stadiums, Amusement parks, Grandeurs all needs innovative ideas for cost-effectiveness and a freelancer sees the whole idea from outside giving a better big picture.

Freelance Tools to keep everything at track

Freelance Tools made easy

If you read my article “10 Amazing Management Tools Freelancers Love To Have”, you would find numerous tools accustomed for a specific cushion to every small problem a freelancer faces. Whether you are an online marketer, get hold of Social oomph and Tweriod to make social media smoother. There are apps which help you to not get distracted by social push notifications while trying to write code or article. You can also make use of password storing and e-wallet managers like Mindmeister, Remember the milk, etc.

New Platforms means more opportunities


Times are gone, when the big 3 or 4 platforms was the only opportunity, a freelancer could get a client. With fresh ideas, the new platforms are developed keeping them completely integrated for handling a specific type of jobs. The purpose of developing these platforms is to provide a fully informative and resolute platform. This gives an opportunity to make more doors for Clients. Worknhire, designs99, SuperTasker and Frisklancer are some of the examples coming into existence in recent years.


The drastic changes have been deemed positive till now and is actually reducing the concentrated poverty issues within fewer capita nations. Alone within the USA, the unemployment percentage is decreased by 5.1% this year. But, the fairy tale to become a six-figure earner isn’t so easy. With increasing interest, competition increases and thus may leave the average talent apart. So, before opting for a freelancing career, make sure you think of full-time employment options also. Once you have a flow working right from your machine, the decision of becoming a full-time freelancer can become discrete and easy.


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