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India’s First Complete Freelancing Platform! is a freelance portal, specifically designed for Indian freelancers, where all the freelancers can get the facilities to work freely without paying lump-sum amount of their share of earning. is designed by keeping the Indian freelancers and their capabilities in mind. It is easy to use and has all the features, which can help a new freelancer to get registered and start working from day one. It has 2 main goals to achieve:
1. Create online employment in India
2. Become a freelancing giant in India. in future will be having many different features that other websites are not having.
• We will offer Unlimited bids with only 10% commission from freelancers.
• We are going to offer instant withdrawal with minimum transactions charges.
• We will offer training for freelancers in our very own freelancer Illuminati (Training School)
• We will offer different job opportunities to our top quality freelancer whether online/offline.
• We are going to offer training and part-time working opportunity to university students for online mentoring.

Freelancer Illuminati

Freelancer Illuminati is a special and completely new concept which is specifically meant for the people who wants to start freelancing. Freelancer Illuminati has been conceptualized to help individuals make the most out of the boom in freelancing in the world of different types of skills. It is based on our belief that if you want to do a job after learning freelancing then it also helps in making your resume more powerful and makes it more attractive in the eyes of a potential recruiter because it makes you confident about your skills. We at Freelancers Illuminati will cover all the aspects of “How to do freelancing”, “Technical writing”, “Being a programming freelancer”, “Freelancer Web Developer”, “Digital/Online Marketing” and “Mobile app. Development” by means of both classroom and online courses. Freelancers Illuminati will be an initiative to reduce unemployment by making the people skillful so that they can learn to work in comprehensive programs in top cities of the country.
Our training will be conducted in a manner that individuals would be able to start with freelancing immediately. We will also train the candidates to create their own freelancing account on our freelancing website

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