Our Projects


Following is the list of our projects that we have completed or are in process:-


Corporate Training

  •  Provided the initial training to more than 350 bank officers before the computerization of banks with CMC Ltd, New Delhi. We had setup the largest computer training centers in Punjab at that time.
  •  We had setup up a dedicated setup to train more than 200 Punjab Police Personnel. Officers included ranks up to DGPs and ADGPs and DIGs and other ranks.
  • Networking: Worked as a consultant with Police force for various sensor designs and development. Installed one of the first wide area networks in Punjab based on the existing wireless voice carrier network.

Robotics Projects

  • Designed India’s First Tracked Miniature Remotely Operated EOD ROBOT System. All parts including mechanicals and control electronics designed and developed in-house.
  • Designed and prototyped a Remote Robotic Balloon Khypoplasty System. Full control of 10 DOF actuation with precision of up to 0.01mm. The system performs under constant X-ray radiation.
  • Designed and developed underwater tank cleaning robot system for closed loop cleaning of underground and over ground water tanks. Work done for a private operator.
  • Designed and developed gantry robot based large area high pressure pneumatic testing machine capable of testing of leaks inside complex machine structure.
  • Designed and developed a walking, crawling robot system for mine detection with a step size of 1m.
  • Designed and implemented four models of the rough terrain ultra-high mobility flexible chassis system for robotic applications. Project is supported and funded by DSIR under TePP by Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
  • Presently designing a system for adapting the rough terrain ultra-high mobility flexible chassis system for farming application for one of our client.
  • Remotely Operated Flexible Chassis ROBOT System for EOD applications.

Industrial Automation Projects

  • Cutting edge long distance audio and video surveillance sensor development project.
  • India’s First Crime Scene Multi Spectral Video graph and Analysis System and India’s First Blast Analysis and Source Prediction System.
  • Innovation includes a reciprocating cutting mechanism capable of elastic rolling in and graduated extension into the cut.
  • Designed and developed a 32 channel low cost portable audio/video studio for mobile use.
  • Designed and developed interference spectrophotometer with optical element having controlled movement of up-to 0.0001mm using self-built technology.
  •  AM designing and developing solar heated hot air direct conversion power station systems capable of mobile use.
  •  Designed and developed re-configurable simultaneous multi-point time domain based high pressure leak detection system using multi-sensors.
  •  Various machines for factory automation.
  •  Presently designing and developing machines for analyzing thermal propagation characteristics including micro channels and micro fluids.
  • Designed and developed Flame Impingement Study equipment.
  • Micro Molding Parts High Precision Extruder Press System with Optical measurement and control.
  • Modular Flame Propagation Study Chamber.
  • Long Term Food Storage and Transporting Technology.
  • Direct Thermal Conversion Solar Electric Generator.
  • Document Storage and Retrieval System. Under development
  • Exoskeleton Performance Enhancer System for soldiers.

Haptic Devices

  • Haptic Device for Endoscopic Surgery Simulation.
  • Haptic Device for Epidural Injection Simulation.